DIY Speaker install

If you feel skilled enough when it comes to electronics and are into “do-it on your own”, then changing the car speakers on your car, such as for installing the latest and meanest bass 6×9’s, is not as challenging as we might think.

At one end of the scale, speaker installations are nothing more than disconnecting wires from one speaker and connecting them to another. At the other end of the scale, it may involve fresh wiring all the way from the car battery to the new speaker. Keep in mind that is much easier to swap out an existing speaker to mount a new one in the same location, rather than mount a brand new speaker in a new location. Always start with disconnecting power to the entire stereo system.

hi-fi 6x9 speakersIf this is the situation, get first access to the speaker mounts. This might mean inserting a screwdriver into the slot and get to the speaker and door panels speakers are the easiest to replace. Check that there is no power through the speakers. Disconnect carefully the existing speakers, mark the positive and negative connections and keep in mind you might need to install a wiring harness to attach the new speakers to the existing wires. After the new speaker is hooked up, it’s easy to replace the cover and enjoy the music.

If you want to install new speakers, you need to go through the first steps, but you need this time to prepare the wiring. It’s possible that the built-in amplifier is not enough so you need to drill some holes to mount speakers or run wiring.

Always start with disconnecting the power, continue with removing the existing speakers and set up the place for the new speakers. Install the extra wiring if necessary, then the new speakers and…reconnect power.